Affected services:

  • Telephony

Some phones and gateways not registering properly.

Opened on Monday 19th August 2019, last updated

Resolved — All registration issues have been resolved. Gateways will re-register automatically. If you have a Panasonic TGP600, rebooting the phone will correct the error and register the phone for normal operation. Thank you for your patience while we worked toward the resolution.

Posted by B. Spitler

Identified — Update: Engineering continues to explore the registration timeout issue affecting Panasonic DECT phones. This issue also now includes Grandstream Analog gateways. All resources are engaged and actively working toward a resolution. More updates will be posted as they become available.

Posted by B. Spitler

Identified — The Engineering team is actively engaged in troubleshooting an issue with Panasonic DECT phones. Phones are having trouble maintaining a stable connection to the Crexendo phone network causing the phones to be inoperative. Engineering and Panasonic are researching the root cause of the issue. We will continue to post updates to this page as they become available.

Posted by B. Spitler